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Systematic irrigation maintenance protects your investment

Maintenance is probably the most critical – yet the least visible service – offered by an irrigation company. Maintenance is all about anticipating landscape issues before they escalate into problems. Because once plants begin to brown and go into shock – from overwatering or underwatering – the damage may already be done.
Systematic, proactive maintenance is our strength. And a maintenance program designed to suit your specific needs is the flexible, cost-effective way Treasure Coast Irrigation makes it work for you. TCI offers various levels of maintenance, simply structured to address the needs of your property and your budget – including total plans that cover all parts and labor. Each maintenance program includes a truly “accountable” Account Representative and team dedicated to carefully monitor your property.
3 levels of Maintenance Care for your property
  • Irrigation Wet Check (Residential & Small Commercial)
  • Benefits include: A periodic (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly) check of the operation of your system addressing appropriate coverage, maintenance of heads and nozzles, and proper clock and rain sensor operation. Parts and additional system repairs will be charged at a reduced hourly rate.
  • Custom Maintenance Program (Commercial & HOA / POA)
  • Benefits include: Monthly proactive maintenance of the property including all services as listed in the wet check program. With the exception of major repairs, all labor for both maintenance and repairs is included. The only additional cost is material.
  • Custom PLUS Maintenance Program (Commercial & HOA / POA)
  • Benefits include: Like our Custom maintenance program, monthly proactive maintenance of the property; however, we include the materials as well as the labor into the contract, in an effort to keep your budget consistent throughout the year.
We also work proactively to make your property hurricane-ready. We take all precautions from both an irrigation and landscape perspective, minimizing damage. We act as first responders, shutting down or securing pumps and other irrigation system components. And we’re there after the storm to provide cleanups, check all systems and make appropriate repairs.
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